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While Vermont does not have an early primary, New Hampshire continues to be a critical proving ground for Presidential nominees, and the candidates will be looking to determine the best ways to engage and attract support from young Granite Staters as well as college-educated progressives who tend to turn out to vote in high numbers in the NH primary. Luckily, Middlebury is a perfect community to study both young voters and college-educated progressives.

Early voting


Mon, Jan 28, 12:30pm to Wed, Jan 30, ​ 8pm 


McCullough (Outside of the Grille) 

BiHall Outside of Armstrong Library) 


DM us @Middforbeto on insta to have us pick your ballot

Absentee Voting

If you're not physically present on campus on Wednesday, Jan 30




Email bwessel@middlebury.edu


Subject Line - Middlebury Straw Poll - Official Ballot 



Your Student ID Number

Your vote for Beto O'Rourke  

Our Team

Alyssa Pancheo - Campaign Mananger 

Akhil Koppisetti - Data, Targeting and Research Director 

Charles DiPrinzio - Political and Organizing Director 

Lucy Townend - Communications and Digital Director 

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